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Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding a portion of the Affordable Care Act relative to state and federal exchanges.

I have voted repeatedly to repeal this law because it does nothing to control health care costs or preserve patient centered decisions. One of the reasons I ran for Congress in the first place was because of the impact of this law on our families and businesses.

I will continue fighting to repeal this broken law and replace it with legislation that actually lowers the cost of healthcare and that empowers you and your doctors, not unelected government bureaucrats, to make decisions about your healthcare.


ICYMI: Defending Property Rights

ICYMI: My defense of property rights legislation was featured by the Heritage Foundation on The Daily Signal…/congressman-government-should-pay…/


Protecting the Second Amendment

I am pleased that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has listened to us and is pulling back it's proposal to ban popular M855 sporting ammunition. Last week I signed a letter asking them to stop this extreme gun control agenda and it is good news to hear that they have shelved this proposal.

As a gun owner I care about preserving and protecting our Second Amendment rights so that future generations can feel safe in their homes and enjoy the tradition of hunting and sport shooting with their children as I have with mine. I will continue to strongly oppose this regulation and any other that would infringe on our Second Amendment rights.


Time to Unite

Last week the House of Representatives passed a spending bill that will fund most of our federal government for the current fiscal year. The legislation is not perfect and I did not support every provision. I voted for it because, as part of our long term strategy to get our federal government under control, there are many victories in this proposal and on balance it is good for taxpayers.

It includes no funding for the executive order on immigration that I will continue to strongly oppose.

It eliminates funding for the Common Core education standards, significantly curtailing their implementation. 

It provides no new funding for the Affordable Care Act and eliminated funding for the ‘risk corridor’ subsidy that the law relies on to reimburse insurance companies and further cuts funding to the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

It reduces the deficit to its lowest level since I took office by reigning in federal spending. 

It prohibits funding for the UN Small Arms treaty, protecting our Second Amendment rights.

It rolls back overreach in the EPA by reducing their bureaucracies funding and staff to its lowest level in five years and prevents the implementation of burdensome new navigable water standards that would allow the EPA to regulate drainage ditches and farm ponds as navigable waters at significant cost totaxpayers and land owners.

It reduces funding for the IRS, reduces their ability to implement the Affordable Care Act and sends a message that targeting of political groups by any branch of our federal government will not be tolerated.

In the coming year I will continue working to reduce our deficit, repeal the Affordable Care Act and roll back executive overreach. We have a federal government that must be brought under control and this is one step in the right direction. It solidified real progress and will lay the framework for us to make new gains in the coming year. 

This is the time for us to unite, not divide, because we are on the right path.

As always, please feel free to share your opinion on these important issues. I truly appreciate your support.


Release: Reed Receives Local Union Endorsement


Corning – Tom Reed today announced the endorsement of the United Steelworkers, Local 3298 out of Seneca Falls.

During a tour of Gould’s Pump in Seneca Falls on Friday, President Mison La-Seigna was joined by fellow active and retired members to offer the official endorsement of the chapter.

“Tom Reed has consistently proven he represents the values held by an ever-changing workforce environment; consistently providing real solutions to the often complex and varied needs of those he represents,” said Mison La-Seigna, President USWLU 3298. “Our local union membership has reached out to Congressman Reed on many occasions; without fail our questions and concerns have always received prompt and result-oriented solutions.  We extend our appreciation and support to Tom Reed “The working man’s Republican.”





Release: Reed Receives Jamestown Post Journal and Dunkirk Observer Endorsements

Congressman Tom Reed received the  endorsements of both the Jamestown Post Journal and Dunkirk Observer this morning.
"Reed is showing the flexibility needed when handling important issues"
"Reed has shown, over the last two years, willingness to take local issues to Washington, D.C., and the ability to handle issues that are difficult and intimately connected with other complex issues. He deserves another two years as your representative in Congress."
"Today's endorsements come in the wake of a decided win at last week's debate," said Katherine Pudwill. "Tom's open door policy and work ethic have made him one of the most accessible Members of Congress, and today's endorsements are a testament to that hard work on behalf of all of the families in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes."
Endorsements can be found here


Martha Robertson's Attack Fails

Now watch the full clip! 


Release: Reed Highlights Work Across the Aisle


Corning – Tom Reed’s work across the aisle fighting for jobs has earned him the endorsements of multiple union groups, support from the nation’s leading bipartisan coalition and recognition from the National Conference of Firemen and Oilers in the 23rd Congressional District.

With a focus on job creation and protection, Tom Reed’s work across the aisle to support jobs has earned him the endorsements of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) and the Police Conference of New York.

The NO LABELS coalition out of Washington has also recognized Tom Reed’s work across the aisle and recently awarded him the “Problem Solvers Seal of Approval.” The organization pledges to put labels aside and focus on fixing America’s problems while creating jobs.

Additionally, Tom Reed has received a letter of recognition from the National Conference of Firemen and Oilers (SEIU) for his work with local officials and employees dealing with the closure of ConAgra in Dunkirk.

“Today, I want to thank you for keeping your word; you stood up for the employees and made sure that these employees will have access to the Trade Adjustment Act,” said Dean Devita, Secretary Treasurer, SEIU. “Your action may be a big help to these employees and we want to thank you for your effort on their behalf.” 

“Jobs are our biggest priority and when it comes to getting our country back to work, it isn’t a partisan issue,” said Tom Reed. “I’m pleased to receive recognition from unions in our district and I’m happy that we can work together across party lines to continue fighting for jobs - we’ll work with anyone to protect our communities.”

For more information please contact Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign, at (607) 684-6242 or visit

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Release: Reed Receives NRA Endorsement


Corning- Tom Reed’s campaign today announced the endorsement of the National Rifle Association of America with an “A” rating from the organization’s Political Victory Fund.

Citing legislative accomplishments, the NRA highlighted Tom Reed’s support of H.R. 3590, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, which will positively impact sportsmen throughout New York and the country, as well as the SHARE Act which protects traditional hunting ammunition while opening additional land access for hunting and fishing on land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Throughout your career, you have consistently opposed all attempts to ban lawfully-owned firearms and magazines,” said NRA-PVF Chairman, Chris Cox.

The National Rifle Association’s endorsement follows the endorsement of the New York Shooters Committee on Political Education with the organizations “A+” rating for the firm protection of Second Amendment rights while also becoming the first candidate to sign the SCOPE “Anti-SAFE Act Pledge.” Martha Robertson received an “F” rating for her votes in favor of the SAFE Act, voting to ban rifle hunting in Tompkins County and failing to sign the anti-SAFE Act pledge.

"As a life-long hunter and sportsman, Tom's views on the Second Amendment are very clear,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Since he took the oath of office he has worked to ensure that the constitutional freedoms of our friends and neighbors in the Southern Tier are never compromised. In contrast, Martha Robertson voted in support of the SAFE Act and served as chair of the only county legislature in upstate New York that has yet to oppose the legislation. It's no wonder she's getting thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from anti-Second Amendment extremists like Nancy Pelosi.”



Release: Reed Receives Endorsement from Senator Young and Assemblyman Giglio


Corning – Tom Reed today announced the endorsement of Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Joe Giglio in his reelection to the 23rd congressional district.

 “You won’t find a Member of Congress that works harder than Tom Reed,” said Senator Cathy Young. “Tom has advocated for our communities since he was elected and has partnered with our office at every turn to address issues at the federal level. He is more than a wonderful representative, he is a true teammate in our fight for the communities in Western New York.”

“Tom Reed has become one of the most accessible Members of Congress, working hard to travel the district and hear from our friends and neighbors,” said Assemblyman Joe Giglio. “His tireless work with elected officials at every level have led us to some concrete victories here at home, and have given our area a voice in Washington. “ 

“I am extremely pleased to receive the endorsements of Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Joe Giglio,” said Tom Reed. “I value our relationships because they care about our communities just like I do, and we have been able to create an incredible team to stand up for the Southern Tier and continue fighting for jobs and the future.”

For more information please contact Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign, at (607) 684-6242 or visit  

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