Release: Martha Robertson Supports Extreme Liberal Senators on Global Warming

Posted: March 11, 2014

CORNING – Last night a group of 28 extreme liberal Senators took to the floor of the US Senate for an all-night talk-a-thon about global warming.

Martha Robertson wasn’t on the floor, but she would have fit right in with these liberal eco-extremists. At a campaign event in Ithaca, Robertson declared, “in my heart of hearts, climate change is the most important issue.” This came just a few weeks before she said that “conservation” is her favorite fuel.

With energy costs at an all time high, New York residents pay about $2000 a year in energy bills, which is almost $700 more than the national average.

“Clearly, Martha Robertson doesn’t care about the thousands of hard-working families who are struggling to make ends meet here in New York,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Whether it’s higher energy prices or fewer jobs, families are working hard to pay the bills while Robertson believes the focus should be on global warming. Her liberal priorities are far out of touch with the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier and are a stark contrast to Tom Reed’s commitment to bring jobs back to New York.”

“It’s been a long cold winter here in New York and our heating bill shows it,” said Jodi Kohli, of Steuben County. “As a mother raising a family and focusing on paying the bills, it’s shocking to me that a candidate for Congress could think global warming is the most important issue facing families in New York.”