Robertson More Extreme Than President Obama


January 29, 2014
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Robertson More Extreme Than President Obama

Corning, NY – Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign today called on opponent Martha Robertson to join with President Obama and support an all-of-the-above energy approach by promoting the development of natural gas.

The President spoke Tuesday night in the annual State of the Union address and focused on an energy independent America that will help to stabilize the economy and encourage billions in investments for manufacturing growth and expansion.

Ithaca liberal Martha Robertson has been outspoken about her criticism of job-creating energy policies. In a September interview with Roll Call, Robertson told reporter Stuart Rothenberg that her “favorite fuel” was not natural gas but “conservation.”

“Tom Reed has consistently supported an all-of-the-above energy approach that will lower energy bills, establish energy independence and create an energy boom right here in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes that will put New Yorkers back to work. It’s hard to believe that Martha Robertson is even further left than the President and won’t support energy policy that will bring America thousands of jobs. Unfortunately for Martha, the fuel of “conservation” can’t be extracted for economic growth. Even the President is willing to put people to work to shift our dependence from foreign oil to American natural gas, so why won’t Robertson? ” said campaign spokeswoman Katherine Pudwill.

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